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Water and Wetland Permitting

nviroAce coordinates the permitting required by many Federal and State agencies to install pipeline infrastructure projects. Work includes preparation of:

  • Army Corps of Engineers Individual and Nationwide Permit applications
  • Coastal Zone Consistency Determinations
  • Water Obstruction & Encroachment Permitting and State 401 Certifications
  • Submerged Lands Permitting
  • Development of Stormwater Management Plans and Project Narratives
  • Coordination of activities with DOT, Rail and other subsurface ROW agencies.

Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) Consulting

EnviroAce serves as the Technical Advisor and assists with the review of EPA risk assessment studies and remedial activities. Work areas include the review of:

  • Sampling Plans
  • Risk Assessment Studies
  • Remedial Investigation (RI) Reports
  • Feasibility Studies (FS)
  • Records of Decision
  • Remedial Designs

Regulatory Compliance

EnviroAce reviews facility operations to determine regulatory compliance status. Work tasks include:

  • Conduct regulatory compliance audits.
  • Preparation of Spill and Discharge Prevention Contingency and Countermeasure Plans (SPCC & DPCC)
  • Preparation of Security Vulnerability Assessments
  • Preparation of Preparedness Prevention and Contingency Plans (PPC Plans)
  • Preparation of Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SPPP Plans)

Air Permitting

EnviroAce strives to develop a cost effective and flexible permitting strategy for each facility.

Work areas include:

  • Review facility or process operations and develop an air permitting strategy.
  • Develop emissions calculations and prepare permit applications.
  • Minimize permitting requirements though process changes and use of general permits.
  • Evaluate BACT, MACT and PSD requirements.
  • Suggest procedures to streamline permit implementation, tracking and reporting requirements.
  • Negotiate permit conditions during review and comment periods.
  • Prepare emission statements and other reporting documents.